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Help on a Vw aircooled 1600 draw through turbo carburator

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Whats up guys, i just finished installing a draw through turbo setup on a little vw bug with the 1600 engine. The thing is i hear the turbo spool up but im sure im not generating any boost. Can any one help me understand why its not generating boost so i can fix it. Im running a webber 44 fdi carb with a carbon seal td04 turbo and external wategate with a 5lb spring. I posted a pic of the engine setup if it help with anything, thank you.

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Oh and another thing, my vacume/boost gauge reads full vacume up to 0 on WOP. It doesnt even hit 1 psi. Tried plugging it in directly on the compressor housing but it still reads the same, plus it does feel like theres no boost at all.

The only thing I can think with a simple setup that you have is that the wategate is open all the time.

You dont have any electronics on your turbo system so if something mechanic .

Be sure that the wategate is closing to create boost

If you like turbo bugs maybe you are going to like this webpage : http://www.badbugracing.com/default.htm

We had a similar issue with our turbo 86 recently which turned out to be a broken wastegate actuator arm. I'd second juliotdr's suggestion and confirm the wastegate is properly closed. You actually need a small amount of preload to help hold the wastegate flap closed. Short of that I'd be carefully checking for plumbing leaks, however in a draw-through system like you're running I'd imagine vacuum leaks would be apparent pretty quickly. You also need a significant leak to end up with absolutely no boost at all.

Could be the turbo size?!

I turbo'd a 1600VW when i was at high school. But blowing through the solex carb.

My issue with spool, my stock motor didn't rev over about 4500rpm and being 1600cc my turbo was too big to spool it in any of the low gears. I could only make boost in 3rd or 4th. I was using a T02.

If you are using the slip joints on the exhaust still, double check they are not leaking... A lot of piping on the pressure side of the exhaust means lots of potential leaks!

Thank you, ill be sure to check up on these probable causes and ill keep you guys posted. As for the turbo, it does seem big for a 1600, its a 40-30244-R from a 2.2L chrysler LeBaron.

Even with a turbo that's a little on the large side (and a factory sized turbo to suit a 2.2 would still be workable on a 1600), you'd still expect to see some boost if you perform a full throttle run in a high gear. It's probable that you're boost won't come on until higher in the rev range but you should still see reasonable boost.

Hope this doesnt sound dumb or insulting but ill ask a very obvious question only because you said it is a used turbo - Its not seized is it ?

Hahaha no problem, it does sound like its spooling. Im finally getting to it tomorrow, my costumer took it to VW autoshow and won! so we got the looks part right now we just need it to be faster. Ill take my time with it tomorrow, check everything you guys have told me to, and get back to guys. I appreciate the help!

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