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HELP Please Hp tuners VF SV6 holden commodore retune

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Hello, please can I get some help!, I am tuning a customers Vf v6 3.6litre holden commodore, but I am having problems turning of the short term fuel trim completely, so I can rescale the map.. My fuel target is 12.5afr but this car keep jumping down past 9.8afr? its insane. normal driving the short fuel trims are working, -18%, the car stays around the 15-14.6 mark, but under load the short terms do turn off mid dyno pull and it runs extremely richi've added a before and after dyno sheet of where im at, Vcm scans, and the ecu load file, base and new, please help

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Hi Rhys, I'd suggest dropping the O2 Readiness Voltage (under Fuel - Oxygen Sensors - Monitoring) to the minimum value which should prevent closed loop mode. Alternatively you can force open loop mode from the Vehicle Controls and Special Functions menu in the VCM Scanner.

Andre you are the man, did vehicle controls works prefect,

Next problem i cant seem to get a Virtual VE table to appear, its just blank, and i chick on show numbers and it doesnt look like any a ve map

So unfortunately the support for the V6 isn't as thorough as the LS V8 engines so the available tables are limited. You're going to need to make your changes solely through the MAF scaling.

Andre Simon Thank you for your help, Hp Academy has been amazing and do highly recommend it to my peers, A very successful tune, I gain 100whp on the customers car, this little 3.6litre is now pumping out 250+Whp with back to back results, which before the tune, power runs varied widely, only mods on the car are a Ossume OTR and a twin two and a half inch stainless steel exhaust from xforce and new cats. the engine heads have no external exhaust manifolds, as they are built into the heads

Finished tune below and before and after dyno sheet

tune includes:

*rescaled MaF

*power enrichment, 40% throttle attractived, and made it cunt in very quick for quick throttle response, standard is extremely laggy. 12.5afr under load

*Torque Management adjust

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