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Help PLEASE!!! Link G4+ Extreme: Evo X. Wheel Speed Sensors CAN BUS ABS

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Hi Guys,

I am in dire need of assistance from guru's here.

I have installed a Link G4+Extreme into a Evo X and completely stripped the wiring. The car is a purpose built rallycross/ tarmac car built to local regs.

We plan to Run the ACD system through the Link and so far have worked out all the logic and everything so far is going as planned.

Where we have hit the road block is when it comes to the wheel speed sensors. We currently have these sensors on the car [url=https://www.motec.com.au/filedownload.php/CTN0007]https://www.motec.com.au/filedownload.php/CTN0007 Magneto Resistive Sensors.pdf?docid=3634.

Now the issue comes where the driver needs to run the ABS for Tarmac meets so i am unable to get the sensors to work with both the Link and the ABS module. That being said i still haven't gone into the extent of trying to get the sensors to work alone to the Link. There is a bit of circuitry that i will have to do to get the Link to pick it up. Then the other issue will be that it won't be able to pick up the high frequency because it has to many magnetic pickups.

The most simplest way is to pick up the CAN data from the ABS module the same way the Motec and Gems ECU's pick it up the wheel speed signals. Unfortunately i have searched high and low online for the past week for some CAN related information for the EVO X ABS Module and i have not been able to gather anything useful.

Is there anyone who can help me with the CAN data for the Evo X pump. This will solve my problem entirely. Or is there any other solution for me?

I have also wired a gems diff computer and the gems engine ecu in piggy back so that if testing fails that the the gems diff computer will control the the ACD and the ABS can function as normal with the LINK only controlling the Engine. The downside of doing this is i still don't have a speed input to work on the Link with and no individual wheel speed either. I want to be able to run traction control and boost control based on wheel slip.

Looking to hear from you Guru's.



On my Thunder on my Subaru, I wired the 4 X wheel speed sensors directly into the Thunder. I just hooked into 4 spare digital inputs. And it just worked. Didnt affect the ABS operation at all either.

Thank you Bram,

Your method is typically how i set it up on most of the other cars i build.

Unfortunately the sensors on the evo x are magneto resistive sensors and it works differently to the typical reluctor type ABS wheel sensors. The orignal system runs a 12v circuit with the pull down resistors inside the ABS unit. If i am to wire it through digital input to the link i will have to change it to a 5V system using a pull resistor and a magnetic converter like the MOTEC DMCF with the link to pick up a valid signal. When this is done the signal going to the ABS unit will be to low. It has to be a series circuit and not parallel. The other issue that comes up is the resolution is too high for the 500hz DI inputs on the Extreme. I would have to grind of a few of the magnetic pickups on the hubs, which again wont work well for the ABS unit.

The only real way around this is picking up the data over the can bus.

Send me a copy of your tune, I think I have enough info to get EvoX wheel speeds via CAN.

Thank god! You are a life saver!

A alterative option I went for was to retro fit teeves mk60 abs unit off a E46 m3

It's a total standalone systems that can put out can to digital dash etc and also wheel speed outputs

I have bosch 8.0 abs and couldn't figure out a way to have abs , your lucky in that you have the correct type of sensors to run E46 abs

The have to be active type sensors 12v

not inductive where you have a typical 1200ohm resistance

I have all the wiring info and bmw part numbers if you was interested it's comment on tvrs,, noble and other track cars as it doesn't rely on a engine ecu for information

Thank you Liam!

I will be in touch. For now Adam has been very helpful and there has been quite a bit of progress. He has got the correct CAN ID Address's its just a matter of deciphering the data.

Dose Adam has the wheel speed CAN data for 2011 subaru WRX STi. I have this same problem for install Motec M1.


0x0D4 looks like it might be worth a try.

@Marc unless you have a development licence for the M1 then you may still struggle to decode wheel speeds into the ECU. The CAN template and base addresses the ECU is natively able to receive is quite limited. If you're running a MoTeC dash then you're probably better to decode the wheel speeds there and then transmit them to the M1 in the expected format.

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