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Help tuning cold start with Eurodyne Maestro

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The engine that im using is direct injection and unlike the port injection models, I have no access to a cold cranking fuel enrichment map. This means I have to essentially tune it manually.

During cranking The engine is at these values:

RPM: 200

Ignition timing: -3.75

Load: 70%

Injector time: ~4.5ms

Im thinking the best way to go about this would be changing values for injection time at 200 RPM and 70% load? Also, Ignition timing may help?

From your experience, what is generally the optimal ignition timing at 200 RPM? I'm thinking that using better timing can help make some more torque to spin the engine over.

There is also a table for warm-up fuel correction but I don't think this actually does anything for cold start.

The car is currently on E50 fuel blend.

Thanks to anyone that can give input.

Unfortunately that doesn't give you a lot to work with and I'd suspect the definition you're working with is incomplete which often seems to be the case with these sort of systems.

With E50 you're going to need a lot more fuel to achieve clean starting, and depending on your ambient temperature you may struggle to get good starting at all due to the reduced volatility of the fuel - That being said, E50 shouldn't be too difficult unless you're well below zero.

If the numbers you've got right now are from a base petrol calibration, then you'll need around 20% more pulse width from the injectors just to achieve the same lambda that you would get on petrol. On top of that, extra fuel is generally required for cold starting on ethanol fuels. I'd start by doubling the injector pulse width and test to see how this affects performance. I like to start with large changes to find a direction to move in, and then I can make finer adjustments.

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