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Help tuning my Subaru EJ25

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Very new to the tuning scene, but keen to learn. Have been reading lots and lots every second I get.

I have a MY09 Forester XT, (same as a MY08 wrx I believe, EJ25 with a TD04). I have recently installed a AEM Wideband with a full turbo back exhaust - Downpipe + catback.

I have been tweaking my stock map today and have made changed to the Target Boost (16psi), Boost cut and Open Loop fueling. I have not touched the standard ignition timing tables at all.

The car feels great, but I am trying to make sense of all the numbers I have been getting on some full throttle runs, it looks like its getting some knock *sometimes* othertimes its ok? Sometimes even knocks during cruise, which I find strange because thats while under vaccuum and thats the stock map running in closed loop....

Also I think my boost map needs some work, it doesn't seem to hold 16psi...I am still a little uncertain how the wastegate duty cycle effects boost control and if I need to increase the duty cycle or decrease it to keep boost nice and stable.

Check out the log/tune files and tell me what you think.

Hopefully there are some rom raider tuners out there!

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Tune file down below

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You need to increase the wgdc in the rpm range and torque request range (325 is wot) where you want boost to go up. The car will use the pid correction to try to get to the boost target but sometimes it is not enough (limit pid). The knock correction should be -1.4 maximum, if its bigger you need to correct timing. at that rpm range. Afr looks good (10.8 works ok).