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Help with 1jzgte setup

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Hey all,

I am working on a new project for my brother-in-law who recently purchased a 1988 Toyota Supra with a 1JZ-GTE non-VVTI. It has TWEAK'D engine harness and was base tuned on an AEM V2. Because of the poor quality of many of the aftermarket upgrades he has fitted new injectors, exhaust, cooling etc.

This is my first AEM V2 setup, I was told that the car was wired for sequential injection and ignition and setup the car using most of the 1993-1998 2JZGTE Supra and did the setup for the newly added sensors Oil, Fuel, AEM IAT and AEM MAP. Everything setup nicely and car was able to start, idle, and complete small drives without much issue but motor was "choppy" seemed to have poor power and it was very difficult to achieve any steady-state tuning.

After reviewing the harness, I believe the car may have been wired for batch injection and Wasted Spark Ignition. To be clear the car has six Factory COP. And when Coil 5 and 6 are turned active and off in the Coil/Inj tab the engine does not react, I verified with a light test lead that 5 and 6 coils are not outputting and likewise when coils are swapped with 1 and 2 output is still not recognized. Curiously, 5 and 6 Injectors on and off recognize stumble and lean out (given fuel table is poorly built thus far).

So... I assume the car is Wasted Spark and Sequential Injection? What settings might I try for the Fuel Teeth, Wheel Teeth and Spark Teeth as well as other adv pickup settings? I was running 24, 24, 24 as pictured below.

Could some one lead me as to what I could try and possible setup changes in the AEM Tuner software. Latest firmware has been loaded to the ECU btw.

Thanks in advance!

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