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help with engine basic detail

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Hi all, I just got a link g+ fury ecu and try to tune it myself. But first I will need the basic info to setup the ecu. I see lot of setting and some of them im not sure of (I know how to setup the key settings from the hpa’a course, but not all of them). So my question is where should I look for the value/setting? My engine is 4g92 mivec. Thanks!

For us to help you we need to know which settings you are wanting help with.

Not all setting in the ecu are used so there will be some left empty

Thanks Chris. I purchased the link ecu tuning course but still have no idea what to start with. I need all the information to setup before firing up the engine. e.g. (spark duration/centre line control in the vvt tap/value of master fuel). I know some of them are not important but I wanna get all the number ready but have no clue where to look for the numbers. I loaded the 4g93 settings and not sure which one I will have to change to fit mine.

Another example of setting I will need is the type of map sensor. My engine is 4g92 (1.6) and the the software have EVO 7 setting which is a 2.0t. I can’t find the details of my MAP sensor on the web so where should I look for the MAP sensor setting? Thanks!

The Mitsubishi 4G93 1.8 DOHC and 4G92 1.6 DOHC setup are almost the same except for the mivec activation.

So you need to activate the vtec/mivec on the ems. I am not sure how or where in the link ecu you can do this. Never had any experience before.

Hope this helps.

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