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help with initial start up ECUMasters classic

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I recently had an engine go boom on initial start up with ecumasters classic. Engine is heavily modified sr20det redtop with forged bottom, stage 3 top end, freddy intake, arashi td06h 601 turbo, 740cc injectors...etc...

There are no tuner companies in my area that will tune an sr engine. I do not have the money to rebuild the engine a 3rd time, so I am in desperate need of help. Engine hesitated for a moment, then backfired hevily, followed by metal on metal internally, then locked for the remainder of the day. the next day as i went to drain the oil and fluids for removal havey gas in the oil was discovered, and engine turned fairly freely with socket wrench. scraping of rings were heard in cylinder 4, compression was at 65psi on same, and could also tell bearing was toasted from additional sound on bottom.

obviously i need to be sure this does not happen again. any help setting up inital start up would be helpful


Sorry for your loss. Where are you located? Perhaps we could help you locate a local resource.

It's very unlikely the ECU is responsible for a mechanical failure. Especially if you followed the HPA steps and checked the timing prior installing plugs and attempting to start the engine.

Are you sure the oil pump was primed? Did you build oil pressure (verify with a sensor or gauge, while cranking with plugs removed) prior to trying to start the engine?

Was the ECU new, or had it previously run this engine? If the wiring was new, did you verify the firing order and injector and coil operation?

everything was brand new, oil pressure was checked and the firing order, and injector coil operation was correct.

located in Houston, Texas USA. Because this engine was never offered in USA as a factory motor, and due to the aluminum block, every local shop that works with this ecu will not touch this engine do to inexperience with it. ECU was brand new, installed and ran dwell times with coils and injectors unplgged to log data, and check for proper sync on trigger and cam sets. Pulsed injectors on injector wizzard testing set up, and heard each fire corectly. Pulled each coil and sparked it on test set for proper spark and firing order.

Could injector have gone bad and just dumped fuel into the cylinder causing flooding and disaster, or would you think some other situation?

Hi Ken,

After you figure out what’s wrong with the engine, you must have a safe basemap to start the car and begin tuning.

Are you using a pnp adapter or custom wiring?

i can send you a basemap for safely starting the car but you have to confugure the inputs and outputs for your wiring



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