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Hi guys, I need some advise to tune bigger throttle body, bigger cams, and exahsut in n/a engine.

What are you trying to do at the moment, that you are having trouble with?

Changing these things just means you need to adjust fuel and ignition timing to suit, as per anything else.

If you can give some more detail about the type of engine, what you're wanting to do etc then someone here who's done similar will be able to give some relevant advice.

engine is a 5.0 mustang v8. No prevoius tune performed to the car, the idea is to maximie power etc

The throttle body alone shouldn't have a dramatic effect on the tuning requirements, however the cam change will be significant (depending exactly on the cam profile). When you fit a larger and more aggressive cam, the engine's VE will be reduced at low rpm but then increase at higher rpm (hence this is where the additional power comes from). You need to address these changes in your VE/fuel table. You will also need to raise the idle speed to suit your new cam.

Beyond these changes, the actual tuning process is just the same as any other engine.

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