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HGV wiring

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I do a fair amount of motorcycle trackdays and we've an 18 tonne Iveco truck converted into a motorhome. Anyway, I have a set of spots which were fitted by a previous owner and they are being replaced by upgraded ones. So I got to the junction box to find this is how they'd been wired up...

Now what would be the best form of correcting this - using an open barrel or one of these heat up seal type connectors (see second picture)? I'm also open to better suggestions. The connection is at the front of the truck and will be subject to the weather, movement and vibration.



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Hi, I personally like to use Raychem DuraSeal (D-406) butt splices for this kind of repair. They are like a cross between the solder joints you suggest and the pre-insulated crimp splices you are probably familiar with. The official Raychem tool for these is rather expensive but there is an RS Pro alternative available. I have no experience with this tool so I can't tell you about the quality.


Hi Rob,

Thanks for the reply. Yes those DuraSeals look very similar to the ones I've currently got sat in a box (Optiseal Crystal Heat Shrink connectors). I'm just mulling over the option of connecting each supply (left hand side of the grey box) to three outlets (right hand side connections in the grey box) and what would be the more robust way of doing it.


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You should be able to just replace each screw connection with one end of the duraseal (or equivalent) splice. They are quite forgiving when it comes to wire gauge range. So have 1 wire on one end and 2 on the other. The duraseals are adhesive lined and will seal inbetween the individual wires.

However, from the colours on those wires am I right to assume this has been made from household cable? Household wiring is usually not made with vibration in mind, it is possible for the copper or the insulation to crack in this sort of application. If you want this to be a worry free installation for many years to come I would consider replacing the wiring with some thin wall automotive wiring. This is not that expensive but will obviously take quite a bit more time.

Thanks Rob.

Yes you're right, that is Arctic rated 2.5mm2 three core flex for use on a building site (or that's as much as I've been able to figure out!). As for replacing that, well the whole truck is riddled with various different wires and that is a whole project on its own rewiring the truck.


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