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High EGT 1400

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A newly fresh build engine with 280 deg 10.4 lift camshafts , bmw m50 , LINK G4 EXTREME , WITH PLX EGT single prob mounted around 15 cm away from the block into the collector right before the turbo , ntk wideband .

car is running great on low boost , but i am worried about my hight EGT .1400 c

added 4 degree of ign has no effect on power and egt temp ( no knock ) . afr is good , cam timing as per the manual intake 2.4 mm exh 1.8 mm , idles around 1500 rpm due to cam overlap .

what do you think guys , is this normal ?

a ramp test data-log attached

thank you

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Are you sure you don't have 1400 degF (a believable value), instead of 1400 degC. Most EGT systems max at 1000 degC, some as high as 1250 degC (2200 degF), never heard of one that goes to 1400 degC. What is the exhaust system made of and what color is it at this temperature?


its a ppf headers , did you have a look on my datalg ?

Exhaust color on the dyno is normal .

you think EGT reading wrong ? But on the plz gauge it is going up till the red spots .

As per David's comments, it is very unlikely it could reach 1400°C. I am suspicious that your EGT device is either faulty or the calibration is not set up correctly. The PLX website says it can only measure 0-1023°C.

Even at the beginning of your log with it cruising at 2300RPM and 7% TP the EGT shows 670°C (which is a more common max load type temperature). At the 1440°C that the log shows your pistons and cylinder head would be a puddle of aluminium in the sump.

1400°C is getting close to the melting point of steel so the manifold would be glowing "white hot".

Thank you guys

ill check whats wrongwith this device , maybe its a calibration issue or its reading deg f insted of Deg C.

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