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High flow fuel pump question

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Evening all,

Im going to be fitting a high flow fuel pump. Will i need to retune my fuel table?


No you should be fine, Pump won't change the amount of fuel delivered.

If you changed the pressure of injectors it would need to be adapted.

The fuel pump as a supporting mod, allowing you to make more power but not directly responsible for it.

In an ideal world the above is correct, in reality you will likely find your fuel pressure will rise slightly due to the fuel reg needing more lift against the spring to bypass additional fuel flow. If you have a wideband fitted just make sure it is reading similarly after fitting the pump. Depending on you particular reg and the pumps you are switching it may not make a difference perceptiple above the noise floor/acuracy spec of your wideband, but in some cases it can.

Slides is correct, you should always verify your tune is still accurate if you make any hardware changers.

Ok, i shall check the tune once the pump is fitted

One other thing, my injectors are near 88% duty at redline (not ideal) will the high flow pump help this?

It will help with that only if you previously had problems with dropping fuelpressure up top, and now you do not. Otherwise it should make no difference.

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