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Higher lift cams - impact on ignition timing and knock?

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Hey guys,

I am looking for any information regarding impact of swapping to higher lift cams on ignition timing and knock. This is new to me, so I need a bit of a guidance on how to tune after swapping cams, please. Let me give you some background below.

The engine is a BMW M44B19 naturally aspirated. It has been tuned with OEM cams already and it wouldn't knock no matter how much timing you'd throw at it. So, with new cams, apart from VE table, do I tune ignition table and add timing as well? Would higher lift cams have any effect on the engine's resistance to knock?



Hi jack the new cams will require both the ignition and fuel tables and knock settings to be adjusted the ignition table normally does not need to much changed but the fuel table and knock settings will require a fair amount of both adding and removing depending on the profile of the cam

it should be a great challenge for you using what you have learnt here.

Hi Ross and thank you for your reply. So, with higher lift cams, the non knock limited enginge will become knock limited? Do you mind explaining how this works, please?