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HKS F-Con V-pro gold V3.12 Sofware?

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Does anyone have the Software for HKS F-con V-pro gold V 3.12? I only have newer versions. The ECU is was password protected by TopSecren Japan. Is there any chance that the software can be reset, so I can start from scratch?

I used to have one, well actually still have it, but it is not used anymore. From my understanding HKS issued out special keys to certified tuners. Those are the only people that have access to the software and maps. That is all I can recall. I guess a place to start would be any local HKS tuners and expand out. Not sure if there are any free roaming software and key sets floating around. When HKS USA closed, they took most of the licenses away from our market. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

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