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Hks fcon vpro

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... hey there everyone......I know I'm bringing up an old ecu but I have an hks fcon vpro 3.24..... now I hope this is allowed on this forum... and if not please delete.....I was just wondering if anyone would have the manual for this set up..... going in an 03 350z ...

Any help would be much appreciated.... and as you probably can tell i am newhere to hp academy and greatly enjoying

Well, Google found this, which seems helpful:


There was also a large thread on this forum about this:


From that thread, I found this page useful:


Thanks so much David..... the first two I have seen and actually downloaded there second one which is the 3.4 manual..... not sure if there's much difference in the 3.24 manual and this one but definitely better than nothing..... and the 1jzmerc article I hadn't seen.... some real good stuff in there

Thanks again

What is your email address? I will send you 3.2 manual in broken English but it is goid enough to get the idea of what is what.

Thanks georg1970 that would be great.....slyncher48@gmail.com..... thank you

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