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Has anyone here tuned an fcon vpro and added a wideband other than the hks afk to it?

I've tuned plenty of HKS FCON V Pros over the years but I'm pretty sure that those I fitted with a wideband always used the AFK, not that I'd really rate that particular product as being much value to be honest. Its been about 4-5 years since I last setup and tuned an FCON from scratch but I seem to recall that the wideband input was configurable? I seem to remember you could also choose from a list of supported wideband controllers other than the AFK?

That is true Andre. But I wanted to use the LM2 that I have for tuning to log in the power writer software. their choices are pretty slip when it comes to wideband options.I attached a screenshot of the wideband options. All of which are hella expensive. Any ideas on using the lm2?

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Hi everyone

I got one HKS FCON VPRO and i was look for that software any idea where i can get one or where i can buy.

Thank you.

You should determine which hardware revision of the ECU do you have and which software version do you need


Save yourself the trouble Skunkek9y10 sell me the ecu.

How about finding the scaling for one of the wide bands on the list in the ecu then just program the out put on the lm2 the same as the wide band u have selected

Genius @anon. Just need to find the scaling of those jap widebands. Thanks Anon

Might be of some use

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Can you send me that link from 1jzmerc please?

@skunkek9y10 Unless something has changed, the FCON is pro-dealer only so the software is not freely available. You also need a hardware dongle in order to tune them.

To be perfectly honest I think the FCON V Pro is probably a little long in the tooth now compared to some of the more common standalone ECUs. I don't personally believe HKS kept up with development and their product support varies between terrible and simply non existent.

That's y I would assist him getting rid of it @Andre.Simon.

Software and tuning cables can be got very easily now although they are cracked copy's , as said there a old ecu now and the software is pretty out dated

I'm aware of the cracked copies of the software but haven't personally seen anything that worked with the V3.3 which were becoming increasingly popular as I was getting out of tuning them.

Andre if u ever need a copy I would be happy to help u out I am pretty sure I have the software for 3.3

If I never saw another V Pro in my life time, I'd be a happy man @Anon :)

@Anon do you have the V3.3 I have up to 3.24 I lost some good deals cause I didnt have the software for 3.3. We can do business if you do.

@Andre don't knock the vpros that bad lol. There are way worse options out there lol.

Mr. Sfrederick,

I am using HKS V Pro 3.0 with AFK I and I have all HKS PW till v-pro 3.3.

Please see the following link every thing there, just read and you will find how to connect the wide band.


@sfrederick, yes there are worse options out there however personally I look for better options, not worse ;)

Let's just say that my experience with the ECU didn't have me come away as a raving fan. The only nice feature is the ease of installation on many japanese models via their adaptor harness that kind of piggy backs the stock ECU for aspects like idle speed control, ac control and cam control.

That being said, the FCON V Pro also proved to be a poor choice on many current generation cars. The last one I installed was on a V11 STi and it would constantly bring up a CEL for system too rich/too lean any time you left it idle for more than 5 minutes. Basically the factory O2 sensor would detect it was too rich or lean and try to apply a correction. Of course since the factory ECU no longer controlled injection, the correction did nothing. Over the space of a few minutes the correction would tap out at +/- 25% and then pull a code. You also only needed to be 0.5% rich or lean for this to occur. Wideband control helped but didn't totally fix it.

I just checked mine only is up to 3.24

@Andre yes you have a point look for better. But in my case I mainly deal with jdm cars 89-probably 98 so the FCON Vpro is more than enough. I agree with newer cars with cam control and so forth there are better options. I love the FCON though. @Mohsen798 do you mind sharing the PW V 3.3? I have two of these ECUs and I only have V 3.24 it would be nice if you would share. @Anon I saw that info from Ijzmerc I just was interested in scaling the innovate wideband.

I bought a cracked software back when i had fcon and now want to get rid of it. Has power writer versions 3.2 , 3.23 and 3.24. Came with a dongle. I'm the only guy in the east of Saudi to have the software and I find nobody even care to use an fcon. So it's pretty much useless outside Japan.

Wouldn't mind donating for study if HPACADEMY needs it in the future too.


Only if Andre and Ben are OK with it. i dont want to make him furious thinking that i am posting stuff for sale here. I also know a guy who knows a guy who has many for sale. But even that guy told me to keep my tail between my legs and keep quiet or i will invite trouble to all of us. I remember back 2 years ago i paid 1170 euros or something to both buy and have it fly by dhl to my city. Even the guy included the hks boost controller software with it.

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