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HKS V-Cam with link G4+ PNP

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Hi all,

Currently in the middle of a rebuild build running step 2 V-Cam and my self and tuner were wondering what the best way to go about it is.

The plan was to ditch the controller and run via the link,

I believe you can just set the cam position to one of the digital inputs and the solenoid as aux and set it up like a 1jz ?

Possibly a silly question but regards the HKS controller. Is there any way of transferring the maps off it to even reference to give a rough guide ? Or is there any benefit to that ?

Reason being is that it’s the first one in the country (N.Ireland) I believe, so we have no experience of it obviously. No my tuner has plenty of experience with JZ vvti so I’d imagaine it shouldn’t be an issue.

And if not using the HKS controller is there any resale value to it ?

Lastly I’m already running a Ross performance crank and cam trigger kit.

best keeping both or can I run the cam position of the Vcam ?

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