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Honda B series sensors trigger issues

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Good day to every one

I'm trying to run my B series on a custom ECU (Speeduino) but the Engine won't like to start.

VR contitioner is installed so the signals are conditioned. I'm running a dual weel setup 24/1 teeth. The main think I wanted to ask is if anyone has issues with other custom or maker ECU's with the stock signals from the distributor and how they solved it.

Best regards to every one


Guys anyone?


Have you got any solution ?

Good day,

I'm not at all familiar with the ecu you've mentioned but one of things you'd want to check is the signals you are sending to the ecu itself. So you're going to have to use an oscilloscope to look at the signals themselves and confirm that they're clean (clearly defined for the ecu to understand). You're also going to want to go over how you've configured the ecu to receive the signals. Perhaps the ecu is able to report errors so the complication being experienced can be reported. In the case of no feedback error reporting, maybe you can configure the ecu to look at the crank signal only and see if it's able to calculate engine speed from there?

There are quite a bit of possibilities here, which means you've got some options to comb through for a solution. Also, maybe reach out to the technical support for the ecu you're using so that you can better understand the error reporting functionality of the ecu itself.

Kind regards,

Damien King.

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