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Honda COP coil dwell TC-28A

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Looking for coil charge values, supposedly Honda Accura coils, TC-28A.


I think this will work:

8v - 5.0

9v - 3.7

10v - 3

11v - 2.5

12v - 2.3

13v - 2.2

14v - 2.0

15v - 1.0

I've also seen tables that have 3.0 ms at 300 RPM, and 2.5 ms from 1000-2000, then 2.0ms from 4000-8000, then 1.5ms 10000rpm+

table is the same for all voltages, but at 8-10V, they use 6.0ms for the 300 RPM.

Thank you David.

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