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Hondata cam angles info

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Hi guys, sure it's a very easy question but on the cam angle maps on hondata if I selects the 0 degrees map for instance why in that mm ap are there angles that are not 0 degrees?? It's the same thing with all the other degrees. Cheers

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Ok so when you select a specific cam angle, this is for the fuel and ignition maps. Beyond this we also have the cam target map for high cam and low cam. this is just one single map that defines what cam angle the ECU will target vs load and rpm so for these maps selecting a specific cam angle from the little drop down menu does nothing.

I'm still not understanding it fully...so when I selects cam angle 10 from the drop down menu that will run on a different ignition map that the 20,30 etc? And I still don't know why when I select 10 degrees from Dropdown it shown me numbers that are not ten but an assortment of values.

I'm sure the light will come on in my head soon but just can't get my head around it atm

Can anyone help me understand better why there are values of above 10 degrees cam.angle in the 10degrees map from drop down....same with 20/30/40 etc there are different values

there is no 10 degree cam target map. There is a 10 degree fuel map and a 10 degree ignition map. I think this is where you are getting confused.

So in.the photo I've shown it has numerous numbers in the 0 degree map that I chose from drop down menu...can you tell me what those other numbers that are not 0 are? are they cam targets?

Let's back up and try and make this simpler. The cam angle number in that drop down menu ONLY relates to the selected fuel and ignition table. It has no relevance to the cam target table because we only have two of these - One for low cam and one for high cam.

The table you've selected in that picture is the cam target map for low cam operation. Relative to load and rpm this defines what the cam target will be. So for example at 3000 rpm and 41 kPa we can see the target is 30 degrees. What this means is that the ECU will be working off the 30 degree cam map for both fuel and ignition. If you wanted to make a specific change at this operating point you'd select 30 degrees from the drop down menu and this would then display the relevant fuel and ignition tables.

Have you watched the Hondata worked example in our Practical Reflash Tuning course? It covers these topics and you can see the tuning process being applied from start to finish.

Thanks for breaking it down mate, so I think I'm starting to understand it better now. Yeh I've watched the hondata worked example but still didn't understand why I'd have to go into drop down menu 0 tune that with values that may not be 0 then go onto 10 degree drop down then do all the tables and so on... Il watch the section again so I can make sure of where I'm missing something

Am I getting it right bro or am I still way off?

So do I set all cam angels to 0 do a test run then the same for 10,20,30 and so on then overlay results on a graph then go back and set cam angle to the figures that made the best torque at tjat particular site?

Yes, set the cam target map to 0 degrees everywhere, perform a run and repeat at each cam angle (as I do in the worked example). Once you've found the best cam angle at each rpm range, you can enter that into your cam target map.

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