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Hondata ignition help

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So learning through the course and enjoying it very much.

Watching through the hondata worked example and I can't see why when we tune the ignition on the low speed cam map we still tune the high rpm sights as by that point you've switched cam and are running on the high speed map? Help me understand it better please lads

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We don't necessarily need to optimise those cells thoroughly since as you've pointed out, we don't end up running in them typically. For the sake of completeness and also for best practice however, we want to fill the entire table out and extrapolate any trends we're seeing in the tables. The reason we do this is that the VTEC point isn't fixed and in stock form actually uses a window vs load and rpm. This means that the VTEC switchover point changes depending on your throttle position. VTEC is also disabled below a certain engine temp so you can end up running in areas of the map that you may not initially expect to utilise. I hope that helps.

Cheers pal, really does help thank you. So as I understand it there will be 2 vtec windows one for light throttle low load and one for let's say throttle past 40% high load??

So at light throttle instead of vtec being 4400rom let's say the window would then be later on 5500rom just for example.....in the light load high vtec operation window I may end up using these tables? Or are those sights only likely to used in situations as uou say lile if the vtec is not enabled due to low temp? .

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