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hondata kpro help

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uploaded a basemap these were the results afr is not stable and ignition is not stable and im afraid to make a change causing potential harm this is just idle did not put my foot on the pedal at all

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First of all when you're tuning a K Pro it's important to put the ECU into open loop mode so that it ignores the input from the oxygen sensor. In one of your data logs you can see the short term fuel trims moving dramatically up and down in response to the moving AFR. If you turn the closed loop off, you should end up with a stable AFR and then you can make changes to the fuel table to get the AFR on target. I've found in some instances I've needed to make adjustments to the closed loop feedback or the max/min trim values to prevent the closed loop chasing the AFR at idle/cruise and resulting in erratic AFR control like you're seeing here, but you need to get the fuel table tuned first before you worry about that.

The erratic ignition timing you're seeing is nothing to worry about. The ECU uses idle ignition control where the timing is advanced and retarded to help control the idle speed. As soon as you open the throttle and move out of the idle zone/closed throttle you should see the ignition timing follow the table values.

Your battery voltage looks like it's moving around more than I'd expect but it's hard to tell without seeing what the high and low voltages exactly are. Normally I'd want to see around 13.8-14.2 volts with the engine running however you may need a little more rpm on board to achieve this. There is a MIL light becoming active during that log so you need to check and find out what that is too.

Let us know how you get on.

thanks for the quick response i found out my battery terminal was crack and also the mil turn on because it showed miss fires so i'm going to buy new battery terminals and new spark plugs and see how it acts after once i put open loop and see where my afr is in open loop thank you again

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