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Hondata Kpro RSX-Type S Need help

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So I think the RSX might be running way to much spark for the tune because it looks similar in the 0-10-20-30-40-50 degrees.(I will show it below.)

What to know:


3 in cold air intake (INJEN)

Ktuned header (421 header)

Ktuned 3 in. Oval Caback

(The car ecu was already tuned for a smaller exhaust all I did was adjust for the 3inch exhaust)

The tune for the car was adjusted by someone else before I even got to touch it. It is also not the base calibration from hondata.

I also adjust it to hit Max Brake Torque on low/high end

The car also has a pop/crackle tune with it as well with a -20 degree.

Everything seems perfect expect the A/F, Its running 13.81 as A/F while the A/F Cmd is 12.46

What I need help with:

After adjusting the tune. It was working perfectly but its been over a month and a half, Now the car tends to struggle (bogging) when I WOT as it stays around 5000 rpm like I am two-stepping then it takes off.

When regular driving it tends to lag through the rpms

When in WOT there are pops coming from the car not sure if its from the -20 degree or the tune itself. Because the Pops are supposed to be for decelerating.

Also is the A/F supposed to be in the 11s? or is 12.46 supposed to be correct?

If anyone can help that'll be great!!! Much Needed.

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need to see the low and high cam angle tables so we know what map it wants to use at what cam angle and when your vtec cutover point is and if you have a datalog of what afr's you actually get (not what the ecu thinks you get) that would be useful as well

I attached the low and high cam angle tables. My vtec point for lower bound is 4500rpm at 90kpa, Upper bound 5800 rpm 24kpa. The data log is also attached below.

Attached Files

if it was me - i'd work more on getting the actual fuel to match the target fuel better - you have a lean spot just before vtec and a rich spot after it and a massive cam angle change at the same time you can also see a slight increase in the rpm climbing as the rich spot appears- kinda makes me think that 14.2:1 afr is a touch lean there and something doesnt like that much of a change in cam angle? if you plot the percentage difference between target and actual afr your out by 10% and the lean bit is out by 14%

if it was working well and now its popping under wot that could be lean pops as your not touching the area of the map that the -20 is set - your on the other side of the timing map - maybe check your fuel system is operating correctly - is there enough fuel pressure - not a gunked up fuel filter - are the injectors clean and flowing nicely etc etc - unfortunately these checks could end up costing you money depending on who you know and what prices you can get things done for.

12.5:1 is possibly a touch rich for an n/a honda as well - easy to test tho once you get your actual aft to match your target afr - just change the target up or down and see if the car feels happier seeing your doing road tunes? (do a few 3rd gear pulls and overlay them so the rpm axis is the same and see which one climbs fastest?) dunno if kpro works like that or if the target afr is just there to give you a comparison point when tuning - but changing my target on my non kpro ecu changes the actual afr to try and track it

without a dyno doing the cam angle stuff is problematic - you may have good luck and can find a straight level road thats empty enough for you to do these 3rd gear pulls and all things being equal you could very roughly change things around and see the results in the rate of climb in rpm or speed but its going to be difficult to get repeatability due to changing engine temps/fluid temps/air temps/ road conditions etc

Work on your fuel system and the fueling itself a bit and see how that makes it drive after they are all happy again

Also if you have a kpro - use the library search function to be able to see other tunes done by other people with the same hardware combo as you have - that may also give you hints about how to get things driving a bit nicer theres a lot of interesting things in there to look through but remember that some of these could be most horribly wrong and bad to implement eg : im guessing you have a low compression k series - if i ran the timing curve you run i'd blow holes in my pistons

These are all my own opinions and im sure there will be others out there who could offer a much better insight into things if they put their minds to it :) But if it was me - i'd sort out the fueling and fuel system and make them happy again for a start :)


So, I ended up fixing the air fuel ratio a bit as well with the 2step on WOT. But I am still confused on why I had a sputtering ( 2step) around 4700-5000 rpm when doing WOT. I'm looking at the datalogs and graphing but I still don't know why that is happening.

Sorry - the wording you used is a bit unclear - is the spluttering fixed and you dont know why you had it - or the spluttering is still there and your fueling is now smoother and a flatter line rather than going up to 14.x around that rev range?


The sputtering is fixed, and the fueling is smoother. I do not know why I had the sputtering.

Sorry about the bad wording.

Awesome, congrats on fixing the issue. :) A better person than me should be able to give you the proper reasoning why it might have been bouncing off a wall in the tune with a lean spot then a rich spot, but you have it sorted for now :)

If its happened over time and the tune has not been touched then its something that will need fixing - be it sensor/ actuator/ fuel delivery or spark delivery systems - something is going wrong over time and affecting the output of the ecu negatively.

If its been like that since you first plugged in that kpro and base map - you now have the perfect example why an ecu needs to have custom tuning for each individual car, and that an "off the shelf" tune might not be correct for your own car :)

In any case - congrats :) enjoy the nicely driving car and keep on tweaking the settings over time - its a fun hobby.

Thanks for the help!! Yeah, I still couldn't find the reason why it's sputtering like that, like you said I have to ask someone who's really good at tuning to figure it out.

Appreciate the help!

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