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Hi everyone,

My question is what is the right approach in order to tune a vehicle with VTC? For example Hondata Kpro/Flashpro has 0,10,20,30,40,50 degrees mapping for fuel low and fuel high.

How should this be done?

Should i Click Edit all tables and make all the cam degrees with the same amount of fuel for example or should i just zero out the cam table and tune my fuel low high for zero degree and then move my way up to 40-50degrees?

Is there anything else that you guys do?


I would recommend the Hondata worked example Andre did in the reflash course as itll answer all your questions.

@Fotis, the Hondata worked example is perfect for you. In short though you want to lock the cam target to one angle and then tune fuel and ignition for that cam angle. Once you've done that with all the tables you can start building up your composite cam target map.

Thanks Andre ,where i can find the worked hondata example?

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