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Hondata S300 - Secondary Tables Switching

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I've been reading through the S300 help files and want to know more about using the secondary tables along with the fuel and ignition tables.

Hondata gives the example of using TPS to tune the primary tables and MAP for the secondary tables or to use TPS based

tables for low load and MAP based tables for high load.

Is there any benefit from using the primary tables for 0-4500 RPM 0-70kpa and secondary tables for

4000-8000 RPM 70-100kpa?

The secondary tables would normally be used for dual fuel or perhaps switched when nitrous is active. Alternatively if you're running a cam profile that provides little vacuum at idle then you could use a combination of MAP and TPS. If you don't need to use the secondary tables there's really no advantage to doing so and they will simply make your tuning more complex.