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Evening all,

Seem to be having an issue with my tps in s300, i can set the minimum and maximum reading in the tps tab, and it reads 0-100%, perfect.

The problem is the high lighted cells in the fuel and ignition tables don't match up with the datalog.

For example, I'm cruising at 4% tps, and the highlighted cell would be in the 6% column. Another one would be on decel, 0% tps in the log, but showing 2 or 4% in the fuel table cell.

Any help would be great, Thanks

Unfortunately my experience with Hondata is lacking, but if you've calibrated the sensor, and your datalog shows 0%TPS when you're decelerating, but your ECU is accessing the 2%TPS load site then there is something going on there for sure... Is it always the same offset from what your datalog shows to the site the ECU is accessing?

There isn't another spot to calibrate the TPS anywhere in the software?

This is perhaps a stupid question but have you set the ECU up to run Alpha-N?

Im pretty sure there is just the one tab to calibrate the sensor, can't see any other settings to do with TPS.

Yes, its set up to run alpha-n, Im running individual throttle bodies

I don't know for Hondata for sure But Neptune (using same ecu hardware different daughter board) has 2 values for TPS

one is TPS% which relates to the min/max calibration value and the other is TPS Raw which has a 0-5 volts 0-100% relation

it does not matter how you set the load on TPS% because the ecu is reading the entire mapping from TPS Raw

in my case that i'm running an ITBs setup I have to scale my 0-100% map to 7-80%!

I think the min/WOT scaling of the Tps is for when you go off trottle and WOT

Could some one explain the highlighted area please?

At idle, my map value is around 40kpa. Do I need to put 40 in the 'closed throttle box?

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Damn photobucket! Their switch to disable 3rd party hosting killed so many good build threads... Attach the picture to your post Darren and we'll have a look :-)

picture now attached to my previous post =)