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How calibrate injectors

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I need some help to calibrate injector oem or aftermarket

I'll need a little more information on exactly what you're trying to calibrate - What injectors and what ECU/software? What exactly do you need to know?

I'll point out that often you will not be able to easily find data on OEM injectors which makes our lives difficult.

If i dont have information of the injector how can calibrate the dead time?

I use hondata s300, kpro and ectune and i dont know wat to do in the injector trim options

What size injectors are they?

Hondata allow you to input your stock and current size injectors which will help you get started.

If you do not have dead times don't panic. Although it is preferred to have this info it is not essential. You can get away with it if they are sensible numbers.

You can adjust your dead times base on the light throttle and idle areas of your map of they have a big step.