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how do you calibrate a new afr to mainline dyno

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can anybody help with info on how to set up a new afr meter on the mainline dyno. old one has died and we purchased a new afr meter and need to now set it up. not sure how to find the area to input the new afr values

Give Todd from Mainline a call on 0418 867 702. I think mine needs calibration too because the AFRs shown are different from the wideband sensors I have connected up

did you ask on the mainline support forum?

If you haven't already purchased a new wideband, I'd strongly suggest you consider a CAN-based wideband controller. These ensure the signal accuracy to the dyno is maintained as you don't need to worry about ground offsets that can affect analogue controllers.

I'm using a Motec PLM on our dyno with great results. The dyno came with a Ballenger Motorsport AFR500 and even as delivered the calibration was out on the dyno - The reading on the AFR500 didn't quite match the dyno reading, but more importantly neither matched the onboard lambda controllers we had in the 350Z and 86.

If you need to adjust the calibration in the dyno for an analogue input you can go to Setup/System/Analogue and then select your AFR input. This gives you the high and low input and their corresponding lambda/AFR reading. The high and low inputs are A-D counts from memory rather than voltage.

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