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How many compensation tables?

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Well there i see some guys go with a few compensation tables for a smoother power over all conditions, i just want to know if i dont want them am I wrong? And Also I wanna know how many compensation tables are more than enough. Instead of setting A map in each and every parameter I'd set it in a few and then I am good to go. In chilli cold days or hot and sweaty humid days. Where i live temperature can hit 50 degrees celcius, in those days we drive our cars hardly during the night just to be safe.

There isn't really a single 'right' answer to this question. It's going to depend on your ECU, your engine, your usage and how fussy you are.

In general you will need compensation tables for IAT and ECT as a bare minimum to account for changes in operating temperatures. It's also possible that your ECU will incorporate compensation for MAP. On top of this you can include your own user compensations - Perhaps a compensation for road speed for example or perhaps gear. It really just depends what you are trying to achieve with the compensations.

The points you raise should be adequately handled with ECT and IAT compensations.