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How often to tune

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As it is my hope to end up with a mini motorsport tuning company I just wondered how long between tunes your average race enthusiast/team would get a re-tune done.

Any ideas/comments

That depends, if the car's setup has been changed in some sort.

We usually do a check up on the dyno for our racing customers once a year before the season starts, to make sure everything is in perfect order, even if the setup stays completely the same.

Needles to say, if there's something fishy during the season, we'll check.

I agree with KG - For most cars a yearly check up is sensible. If anything on the engine is changed though you'll obviously need to check and touch up the tune accordingly. I find most race teams tend to continuously be 'tinkering' and improving though so often you end up seeing the more serious guys every couple of events for some kind of minor adjustments to the tune.

Great - cheers guys.

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