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How to go about logging current draw with an ms3?

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Hello all,

planning out all of my wiring and such, and want to log current draw of my fuel pumps. I’m wondering if that is possible, and how the heck to set it up using an MS3. Any suggestions?


I don't think that's something you'll be able to do with the MS# unfortunately - This is a function that you'd normally only see with a power distribution module. It's also important to point out that you can't run the fuel pump directly off the MS3 but rather it gets switched with a relay. You can buy a current clamp for measuring current manually if you want though.

Thank you Andre. That’s what I was afraid of.

I have the first pump in tank, going to a relay from the ecu, and then a second external in line pump through a relay, to a Ford FPDM to PWM the second pump when I go in to boost.

My line of thought was that if I could log current draw, then I would potentially be able to foresee a pump failure, or even if a filter was beginning to clog, before it became a huge issue. Especially during an event, say, drag week or something similar. I guess maybe it’s time to bite the bullet and go ahead and pick up maybe a small solid state PDM to use?

Thanks again for the quick response, and have been enjoying the MS3 worked example as well. Looking forward to the upcoming webinar! Cheers!

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