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How to increase air density in an N/A application.

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Hey guys i'm wondering if anyone has any ideas on increasing air density on an N/A engine by means of a cold air intake AND some sort of specifically sized plenum before the intake runners?

At the moment im just sucking engine bay heat which I know is no good... but looking into ideas to make a decent air ducting system before it hits the ITB's.

Where is the engine located in your car? Front, Mid or Rear? Is it a race car (any rule limitations on forward facing openings?) -- what type or racing -- minimum and maximum speeds? With a street car, getting an airbox around the intakes, and feeding that cold air from a tube ahead of hot-bits would be smart.

Here are some parts that might help:


Phenolic spacer on intake manifold, lower temp thermostat if short sprints, long track sessions will probably stabilise higher anyway unless your total output is small and you have a lot of cooling capacity.

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