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How to limit torque?

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Ive got a Honda k20 turbo (stock engine) which I'm going to tune on kpro. Im shooting for around 400bhp but need to keep torque under 280 lb-ft to keep the rods intact.

Whats the best way to go about capping the torque?

Limit the boost.

Limiting the boost as mentioned above. You can also keep the timing conservative in the lower RPM areas where its more stressful on stock rods (if its a smaller turbo that hits torque peak in the lower rpm areas) so it keeps the power down. Then get more aggressive in the high rpm range to attempt to get your HP target.

Can it do boost target vs rpm? Otherwise it's a compromise on retarded ignition through thr natural VE peak of the engine vs enough boost to make your desired torque in the rest of the rev range.

Boostcontrol and drive by wire

Every engne is different. I tune a lot of stock block evo 8/9's and we keep peak timing around 2-3 degrees. We are at sea level. also how hard the boost comes on as mentioned above makes a difference. keep peak torque timing down, ramp up timing by redline, shoot for MBT if you are on e85 or high octane fuel.

^^ Side note, your red Evo shop car you just tuned looks like a beast. Big fan of some of the Link ecu stuff you post to IG. Very informative.

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