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How to make a dyno run for Jeep wrangler

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I want to make a dyno run for Jeep wrangler 3.6 limited _2014 but since i have one axle dyno, the traction control and ABS lights become ON, thereafter i can not shift up the gear to 1:1 gear ratio (4th gear)!I believe it enters limp mode, as a result i can not shift the gear after 2nd!!Please, your support is highly appreciated.What should be done?

Can the transfer case be set to 2WD mode? What happens if you remove one of the driveshafts, so it's only a 2 wd vehicle?

Yes, i can set it to 2WD.

Actually, it happens with 2WD mode as i do not have 4WD dyno!

By the way, do you have idea if it will be resolved after disabling the traction control through HP tuner?

I can not just try out with uncertainty because i have to buy credit to write the file back, which can cost money without gain!

Thank you.

hola desconecta un sensor de velocidad del ABS. de cualquier llanta y prendera la luz de fallo del ABS y ya no entrara y asi te dejara meter mas velocidades

Have you tried removing the wheel speed sensors? Leave them plugged into the harness,but remove them from the axle and strap them out of the way, this might help.

Doesn't seem to be much info' on-line about what would seem to be a relatively common practice - best I found with a QUICK search was this, which may help - https://www.cherokeesrt8.com/threads/how-to-properly-dyno-the-jeep-on-rwd-dyno-and-transfer-case-help.72509/ However, that may be specific to that specific vehicle.

There will be many JEEP specific sites and I would suggest joining up and asking some of those for their thoughts?

With some vehicles, it can be a simple as pulling a fuse, but with others...

Thank you for your valuable comments and advices.

Actually, i contacted Hp Tuner, they say:

"Key on engine off, connect VCM Scanner to vehicle, Special functions, Disable Traction/ABS, without turning key off start the Jeep, shift gears manually and run on dyno, to keep the Jeep from downshifting you will have to edit the WOT shift Speed table in 1, 2, 3 gear there is no other way to keep it from downshifting at WOT and low rpm."

I did that, and dyno run was perfect.

Once again, thank you all.

Thanks for following up and sharing. That will be really useful for someone in the future I'm sure.