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how to make trigger setting for VW polo

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i install a Link G4+ Storm ECU to VW Polo(4 cylinders 1.5NA) and make some test. I need some help about the trigger setting.

attached the trigger log file. CKP (60-2 teeth), CMP 4 teeth

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issues have been resolved, thanks

What was the solution out of interest?

From the look of Kevin's triggerscope attached above his problem was the crank was connected to trigger 2 input and the Cam was trigger 1. It should be the opposite.

The 60-2 & 4 on cam pattern is common to many VW & Audis. The Link can handle this trigger pattern using the generic missing tooth mode with sync mode set to "cam level".

a 2 channels Oscilloscope is a good tools for trigger setting(More than 2-channels is a bit expensive). for this car, the CAM and CKP singal are both Hall type. the factory ECU work normal, so I can get the spark signal with Oscilloscope CH1, I also connect the CAM and CKP singal to LinkECU and try to modify some setting and check the sprak output(link ECU) Oscilloscope CH2 . a scanner is connected to the OBD2 and get the data stream from factory ECU. I can get the spark degree. when I setting the same spark degree in G4+ ECU, you can compare the Oscilloscope singals between factory and G4+ ECU . I can correct the offset value to get same spark singal output CH1 and CH2. it is my solution.