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How to remap New gen German cars?

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I just bought a B8 chasis Audi from 2012, and was thinking of taking it to the dyno but most importantly I wanted to eliminate the ecu interfering with the shifting in manual mode. If I go over 2.5 rpm it will shift up, or it will shift down as pre programmed reasons. Well this makes the paddle so called shifters extremely useless and completely annoying to use. Looking forward to override this ridiculous feature as well as give it a remap after replacing a few mechanical parts.

So, is there such a trustable tuner software that reflashes or overrides ridiculous factory features in german cars? Specifically in Audi makes? As I suppose plugging it into the OBD port shall do the trick. I assume due to the complexity, the big buck ecu manufacturers havent made a support for a standalone systems to run on these complicated cars yet.

Is your car DSG equipped? You can alter some DSG parameters with a software called VCP. Not sure right now what exactly you can modify, but I'll report back once I've done some testing with that product.


I found out car is equipped with a cvt and thats because it is a fwd A4, good news is I just bought a used DSG gearbox from a quattro and yes indeed I will be having a small project where I will convert it to AWD by buying used parts. So I will need a whole rear cross member, a Quattro fuel tank, and the drive shaft+ axles. Will also need a new exhaust system because then the old one is going to be getting in its way. I really don't know what the plugs/connectors on both transmissions look like so I shall continue my research a little more further. When its all done, up and fully running I will play with the ecu parameters. So, of course still looking for the right tuner tools and software technology to achieve that. Just going where not many have gone before.


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