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How to stop LS1 from loping

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Hello all! I have a Procharged WS6 with an LS1 running a cam spec’d at 230/242 .608"/.615" 115+4. I was hoping the 115 LSA would tone the lope down a little but it’s lopes pretty hard, and I don’t care for it. Is there a way to smooth out the idle or am I putting another cam in? Thanks!!

That's a pretty healthy size cam so you can expect some degree of lope. There are a couple of things you can try which may tone it down a little though. The first is to make sure that your idle target speed is realistic. A cam of that size will probably want to idle around 700-750 rpm to idle smoothly. Secondly you can make some adjustments to the amount of adaptive spark being used during idle. You may need to try increasing and decreasing these tables to see which offers an improvement. I'd simply start by highlighting the table and doubling/halving the values before testing. Once you can see how it affects the engine you can fine tune your adjustments. Lastly you may find that retarding the timing in the main spark tables in the idle and cruise areas will reduce the lope and improve idle quality and driveability. Since you're purposely retarding the timing from MBT you will be sacrificing torque though in these areas.

Excellent! Thank you so much for your help! Right now I have the idle set to 870. Anything lower than that and it swings the car side to side and it feels like I’m in a boat. Haha! I don’t mind a little bit of chunk but I can’t stand the typical LS lope. I will test out your suggestions and let you know how it went. Thank you again!!


870rpm is definitely high enough to be able to get a decent quality idle. You may find however that with the idle this high it tends to push the car when you're in gear and off throttle. See how you get on with the other suggestions. As an aside, have you calibrated the base running airflow tables under the idle/airflow tab properly to suit?

Like Andre stated, first I would make sure you have enough Base running airflow, without enough airflow, it will never idle as smooth as it should. I decrease the amount of adaptive idle spark, and make sure your spark tables are set to something realistic, making sure it is not jumping from low to high ignition timing, being that you might be a little higher in the load rows due to the cam. All things assuming that your fueling is dialed in.

A ws6 I have been messing around with, that has a similar cam. 233/239 .620/.605 115 + 5 LSA iirc, I found it likes to idle best at ~900ish rpm. I adjusted IAC until it read under 10% at warm idle

Mind you I am no expert but this is what I have and it sounds fairly tame.





Thank you all for the great advice. Sorry it’s been awhile since I’ve posted but I work in relining mills so I’m out in the middle of no where for extended periods of time!! I’m hoping to get some time on the car this weekend. Thank you for all the screen shots Benjamin. I’ll use what I can to tame the idle! I’ll let you all know how it goes when I get out there!! Thanks again!!

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