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how to tune the intake wot angle and exhuast wot angle for get more power,

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Hi, how to tune honda civic 1.5t intake wot and exhuast wot for get more performance

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The first thing I would do is attempt to increase the intake and exhaust angles at low rpm to get more scavenging and build boost better. They tend to be emission limited in that area. If you have a dyno it would be a lot easier. Do a matrix like below, where for each one you are adding a certain number of degrees for the 0-3000rpm WOT angle:


Intake +5 deg Exh base

Intake +10 deg Exh Base

Intake +15 deg Exh base

Intake +20 deg exh base

Do the same thing for exhaust (baseline, +5, +10, etc keeping intake at baseline). Then try the best intake and exhaust cam positions together. From there do a couple more adjustments in either direction on both intake and exhaust.

Bro, if +20 will too much for this 1.5turbo car ,this file have 5 wot intake map,so you mean i should try add different angle at each wot intake map and exhuast map

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