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how to work out or setup knock target and trim tables link g4 extreme

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ok so i'm trying to work out how to get numbers to enter in these knock target and trim tables .do i log a run and see what happens then adjust numbers and do more runs from there not quite sure .I am trying to set this up have watched a webinar but i didn't see how they get the numbers?. thanks.I am running wasted spark and pc link shows this seems to be how it is set but the trim tables in the ecu settings don't match the allocated cylinders i have chosen either whats with that ?how do i set knock frequency or can i not do this on the g4 ?i have just setup my logging parameters for knock are these correct ?

thank you Ross

I think this webinar covers your first questions exactly:

Webinar 049-setting-up-knock-control-link-g4-vipec

It talks about setting the knock target up starting around 20:00, and gives an example around 33:00

Setting the Trim tables is shown in an example around 39:00

Since you are running wasted spark, you will probably set the gain & trim tables the same for cylinders that share the same coil.

Cool thank you