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How 'unfrequent' can knock occur?

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Hey guys,

i have a question regarding knock. Car is a Honda Integra K20A with a doctronic ECU (identical to Hondata kpro).

I know that K Engine is prone to show knock which is engine noise.

So: If a knock happen, is it happen like nearly all the time under the same circumstances --> reproduceable?

With other words: If i have a knock-event that is NOT reproduceable, is it engine noise?

Example: I enabled "Flash MIL on knock" and headed for a very spirited mountain drive. During my 10 Minute raceing, i saw the MIL flash two times. I tried to replicate that with the Laptop connected (i only road tune) but it never happened.

So - yea, whats true?

Thanks :)

Knock is more likely to occur with high combustion temps. Did you replicate those temps / loads?

You don't mention if the engine is normally aspirated, or running forced induction. I would not be concerned about the occasional knock event under hot conditions with a normally aspirated engine. That is exactly what the knock system is for, adjust the timing if the conditions show increased knock.

Hello David,

its a lightly tuned N/A engine. I tried to replicate but i only saw the MIL flashing while racing so im not entirely sure at which load / rpm it happened. I did a ton of highway pulls afterwards and drove it kinda spirited for one tank of gas and didnt had this happened again.

On my map the Knock-retard-logic is disabled since i heard its "best practise" for Honda K20 engines (very noisy)