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Just wanted to give a big shout out to the team, recieved my parcel from HPA HQ today. Hoody, Tee, stickers and they're all top quality

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Where can I buy a hoodie?

Thanks Chris! Enjoy and I hope the hoodie keeps you warm over the rest of the winter there =)

@Kevin, check out the merch shop here -


Hi im also interested and i was wondering how the size's compare to the size's in the UK?


They're pretty much the same as uk sizes, they've not been through a wash yet so I'll post up once they have

I was able to start my engine yesterday for which I built a wiring harness from scratch, made a basemap for my ECU etc. and most of the information that helped me do it came from the guys from HPA.

Therefore I ordered a bunch of merch for myself and hope to support the guys to keep pumping out great content.

Thanks a lot!


That's them been through the wash and next to no shrinkage.

Stuck the sticker on my toolbox, a privilege as there's no other stickers except my company one. Black on black to represent education, you can't always see it but it's there

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