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Hi guys, anybody on here have experience with hp tuners and gen 4 ls tuning? Ive made some attempts on my camaro with a large cam ls7 and have had mixed results. The software is very confusing to me compared to others I have used. I have gotten the car to idle and start consistently but it still isnt perfect. Im also unsure has to how to use it to calibrate the maf (have never done maf tuning before). Lastly using my wideband it appears I am not going into Dynamic fuel cut off and I cant understand why by looking at the software. My gas mileage is also horrible but im figuring that is a combination of untuned ve/maf and apparent lack of DFCO. Andre any chance you will be doing a course or webinar series on Hp tuners? Ive attached my most recent file if anyone wants to see what I have done thus far.

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We will be bringing both a reflashing course and some reflashing webinars to you soon. Our first worked example will be on hp tuners using a supercharged Camaro, but cam tuning might be a little way down the line.

From my own experience I always used a 1 bar SD patch when fitting a large cam. If your cam is large enough it will upset the MAF, particularly at idle, making it difficult to get good results. You will also need to raise your target idle speed and use a larger throttle opening to maintain this idle speed.

You're going to see fuel economy plummet with a decent cam, particularly with around town driving. With my old L98 I used to get around 13-14 l/100km around town and about 9-10 l/100km on the open road. With a big cam I could easily see 18-20 l/100km around town. Interestingly on the open road the economy was actually not bad - Around 11 l/100km.

What are the specs of your cam? Is there a reason you want to stick with the MAF?

Sorry to go off topic, but what are your thoughts on VVT LS2's?? Would a VVT kit considerably improve fuel economy?

Super excited to hear there will be some hp tuners material soon! The car is a 2010 camaro swapped with an ls7 from an 08 corvette z06. The cam is a monster at 246/254 on a 111+2, previously had a 22x/24x cam and wanted more. I have found a lot of information on the hptuners forum suggesting that the maf on these newer cars is much better then it used to be and speed density is not necessary. That is the only reason I have kept the maf as opposed to using the speed density patch which i did consider. I have increased the idle speed considerably to 975rpm. It seems to idle steadily but after a while will periodically dip down to 600 and pick up again. I have also changed the idle timing and idle airflow, I increased the idle airflow and made it the same across every gear since the car is a manual. Initially using my knowledge from my hpa courses and my own testing on a haltech standalone I started increasing the idle timing to optimize the vacuum at idle but I found that if I increased idle timing above 16 degrees the car would not hold a steady idle at all. This was confusing to me as the similar sized cam in my haltech powered corvette took as much as 28 degrees at idle and drastically improved its idle characteristics and drivability off the clutch.

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