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HP tuners Ford Godzilla Whipple stuck throttle.

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I have a ford 7.3 Godzilla swap with a Whipple and 132mm throttle body. it is in stuck throttle state and can not figure out why.

it is causing the truck to go lean and all kinds of problems.

anyone willing to look?

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Have you verified whether it's physically stuck or not? This is an issue with some throttle bodies when heat soaked, so I just want to make sure you've ruled this out before diving down the rabbit hole of potential tuning related causes.

it seems to not be physically stuck. it runs away some times but most other times not. It says throttle stuck immediately on start up but will sit there and idle just fine and drive just fine but some times it pulls throttle or timing or fuel or all of them. it gets scarry lean some times while in boost due to pulling fuel to stop the "stuck throttle" condition.

Really stuck on this one. What areas in the tune would cause a stuck throttle?

I wonder if the test for stuck throttle is something like MAP > 95kPa while throttle < 50% That could be true in a boosted application even if the throttle wasn't stuck but would detect a stuck (open) throttle in a normally aspirated application.

Looking at your log, I see 98kPA when the throttle is only 30%.

Looking at your HPTuners config, you might want to try changing Engine->Torque Management->Limiter Configuration->Airflow (specified conditions) -- I see there is a "Part Pedal" that I could see activating a torque limit (also in the Engine Maximum under Limiter Configuration).

I also noticed that Engine->Airflow->Supercharger->Inlet Air Pressure->SIP Sensor isn't fitted, perhaps you should enable this and disable any DTCs that might result. It may be that the PCM uses this status to say a Supercharger is fitted.

I see you asked this question on HP Tuners Forum, hopefully you'll get a response from someone with direct experience.

Any update on this Jim? I liked David's ideas.

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