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HP Tuners non responsive MAF calibration

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Hi guys,

I have a problem with tuning this particular VE Commodore SS, never had this issue with any other MAF calibration tune but someone might be able to point me in the right direction.

I have setup my LC-2 into the bank 1 sensor 1 location and have it connected to my MVPI 2 Pro, data is live streaming no issue along with my EQ error MAF percentage chart. My problem is that I am applying the changes into my MAF Airflow Calibration chart using the special paste function along with my own judgement on what cells should be adjusted. I am getting no changes to my EQ ratio mainly on idle and light cruise but I don't believe much adjustment is happening. I have tried large adjustments and yet still the same EQ ratio. Anyone come across this issue? Have I overlooked something? I do have closed loop parameters off.

Vehicle is a 2010 VE Commodore, L77 Dod deleted engine with heads ported, large extractors, VCM intake and VCM360 camshaft.

Worked it out for anyone having the same issue or relatively close issue. Adjustment of the MAF would work higher up the frequency but would not work at idle or anything below 6000hz. I also noticed the MAF frequency at idle was quite high at 3600hz. Long story short the 110 degree lobe separation at idle and cruise isn't going to work with the MAF so I have swapped to a SD tune with no issues to report. I believe that anything under 112 degrees lobe separation will have issues with the MAF, may be wrong but this is my update so far.