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HP Tuners or Eurodyne Maestro for VW tuning ?

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Hey HPA, recently replaced my "big turbo" mk6 GTI for a mk6 golf R. I've always been interested in tuning on the platform and I want to pursue my interests. I know Eurodyne has been around for quite sometime but I hear and always read through the forums that the customer service and support is almost non-existent and the software always have issues with updates and it crashing and just being a PITA to work with and it was hard to navigate. what I like about it so far is that it comes with stage 1, 2, and 3 basemaps to use which would be huge for me not knowing anything about the ecu how it navigates through and what tables it uses. For HP Tuners I hear and read that its more user friendly, customer support is always available and its more cost effective. Downside is it doesn't have any basemaps. from what I've read it uses a stock map and allows you to build from that but I'm not entirely sure, another thing I've read is that they don't have all of the tables needed to be used to tune so you'd be making adjustments but would have issues because its missing tables lol. I'm looking for input from people who've used both HP Tuners and Eurodyne and could tell me what they think which one is actually worth getting. TIA !

hp tuners is still missing a lot of tables, but they will get there.

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