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Whats up everyone? ive got an 02 s10 in my shop thats undergoing a 4.3 to 6.0 conversion and was wondering the best way to go about preparing the ecu for this. it has a 411 ecu and cable throttle. ive heard it will take 4 credits to do so, requiring a license for the stock ecu and one for the v8 silverado file that needs to go in it. im still pretty new so any advice would be appreciated.

thanks, Mark

This isn't something I've ever done, however a quick hunt through the HP Tuners forum suggests that provided the OD of your PCM and the donor file are the same then yes, you should be good to go and the PCM hardware is the same. Given how cheap these PCMs are though you may be as well to hunt out a V8 PCM from the get go? I'll assume you still need to do something with the harness to suit too?

The truck has a current performance wiring harness. I Took the factory ecu and segment swapped the engine and engine diagnostics from a 5.3 Silverado tune but the truck on fires on cylinder 1 and fires the first 6 fuel injectors like its still a v6. any advise?

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