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Has anyone had any experience with the Land and Sea or Rototest hub dynos? We are looking for a 4WD dyno with support to around 2000hp.

I have used Dynapack dynos a lot but when it comes to actually buying an inhouse dyno there are are a number of weaknesses in their offering, mainly after sales support (and their response time) and the actual software with lack of communications standards. There appears to be very little development going on with the product and it has not really advanced at all over the past 15 years.

All our tuning is on higher end engine management systems with CAN support and good onboard ECU (or dash) logging capabilities. We would like to be able to transmit CAN information to the dyno and have fully programmable CAN messaging in dyno software. Then we would like to be able to transmit torque figures back over CAN to the ECU/dash.

Mainline is another brand I am looking at, but I already know a number of people running their systems with who I can discuss their pros and cons.

Hi Richard,

I haven't used either of the L&S or Rototest, but from what I have read else where when I was looking at Dyno's for myself, the L&S were to be avoided, and the Rototest units were very good, but like the Dynapack, let down by their control software.

I think that the idea dyno would be the Dynapack pods with the Mainline control software.

What kind of cars are you tuning? I currently have a 2WD Dynapack DAQ5 and I'm struggling to justify going full 4WD as most cars now run a switchable 4WD system and only the old rally bred cars such as the Evo's and Impreza's are ones I need to hire someone elses dyno to tune. If it's GTR's then the Mainline hub dyno could be a good option

Dynapack now have OBDII connectivity but no CAN as yet, I looked at L&S when I was dyno shopping and couldn't buy with confidence as there were some huge claims but no evidence or track record. I don't know if Rototest have updated their software in the last few years but the last time I used one it was looking terribly dated, no OBDII and certainly no CAN, it was a great product but the price was too rich for what I felt you got.

*Edit: I've just checked the Rototest site and they do have add on options in their industrial section for OBD and CAN logging

Hi Chris

Do you have the OBD2 connection on your Dynapack? I'm thinking about upgrading to OBD and maybe add the new DAQ. That adds 12,24 or 48 inputs.

on the other had I could also use a LINK ECU or a Dash (Motec or Plex) if i had to sample additional sensors. What DAQ setup do you guys are using for dyno tuning (beside ECU logging)?

Most of the cars we setup are 2WD. As you say, the EVO and WRX are no where near as common as they once were.

Overall it appears as if most dyno companies have not kept up with the battle between the ECU manufacturers and their feature updates (except maybe Mainline). Most dyno software appears dated with limited usability testing done in the real world.

A small part of the reason for not going Dynapack is there are around 8 Dynapacks within a 30 minute drive of our workshop, most of them with operators I respect and they do a good job so I would like to look at going with something different.

At this stage Mainline have moved to the top of the list.

Stephen > I have asked Mainline about that option and unless I can find some Dynapack pods for the right money it ends up being a very expensive proposition.

I'm currently investigating what it would take to build an M1 based dyno controller for my Dynapack, if I can get it working I'll look into selling it.

Are you saving though that Mainline have the option of controlling the Dynapack pods?

Damm BlackRex thats a great idea! And something i woul be interessted too. Another Motec dealer just told me that a formula student team is using an M1 to control the engine and theire dyno which the same M1 Ecu. So it shoul be possible to do that with a dynapack!

Adrian, I don't have the OBDII pack yet, I'm still trying to justify it.

I've got the DAQ5 with only 4 0-20v inputs, I'm using them for battery/alternator, fuel/oil pressure and my Phormula knock monitor. there is a glitch in the software though and I can't use the battery input at the same time as the knock input, it datalogs them but can't display them together which is a huge frustration but not a critical thing as I always have the Phormula KS4 and audio monitoring at the same time.


I need new hub adapter for my dynapack, they are about 4k usd for a 4WD quite expensive, but have no other choise. Need them to work.

However I couldn't resist and ordered the new firmware with OBD adapter, too. I will let you know how well it works, when i've done some OBD cars.

Blackrex regardless of the new firmware, I'm still interessted to run my dynapack on a M1. ;-)

I also ordered Dynapack upgrade, now waiting for OBD cable to be shipped.

I think it will be possible using Motec dash to send some channels to Dynapack in OBD standard...

But option using Mainline software it also interesting.


The possibility of the MoTeC Dash being setup to transmit the OBD information depends on how the DynaPack controller is setup to deal with OBD. If it is setup as a listen only device, then this can be done using custom Transmit templates in the Dash, and a C12x or CDL3 could be used for this. You would have to have the ECU data coming in, and then have the OBD Transmit Template broadcast this information on the correct addresses.

If the DP is after the OBD Data in the correct OBD-II Request/Transmit operation, then it becomes complicated, as there would need to be a large number of maths channels written into the Dash to receive the OBD Request message, and then rebroadcast the requested data on the correct address. To do this you would need to use a C18x or ADL3 Dash with the Advanced Functions enabled.

this is the problem with DP, you will never get any technical answer from them... at least from my experience in the past.

We usually reply within 12hrs (often sooner)

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