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I meet a very strange problem,when ignition timing advance increase boost will drop.

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I tune an Audi EA888.3 ,target boost is 2.7bar.

When I running lower ignition 1deg from 3K rpm to 4deg at rev rpm it can be hold 2.7bar.WGDC only use 70-80%.

But when I set ignition from 7deg from 3k to 13deg to rev rpm, the boost drop so much ,even spool got slow.WGDC close to 90%+.

Attached log and graph,left is low ignition tuning ,right high ignition.

the diffrent ony ignition advance change,it's so strange why it happen?

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It isn't strange, it's what should be expected.

Provided you haven't advanced beyond MBT, you should find that torque/power has increased even though boost has dropped.

Short reason - the thermal energy in the cylinder is doing more work against the piston and less driving the turbine. It's the opposite of retarding the ignition to build boost.

Yes, totaly normal. More power with less boost when you get closer to MBT, for the reason Gord stated!

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