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I am wiring up an AEM infinity to my 468 Big block in my boat and had a question in regards to IAT sensor location. The engine has a roots blower with an fuel injection plate that sits on the blower. The IAT in the stock location is in the air cleaner but this seems like the intake air temp in the air cleaner would be quite a bit different than what the intake manifold / engine would see, after fuel and boost is introduced upstream. In this situation is the air cleaner location sufficient or should the IAT sensor be in the manifold ? My concern in the manifold is fuel messing with the sensor. So in summary, either IAT sensor in air cleaner before boost and fuel or in manifold after boost and fuel. Thanks in advance.


Hi Nick,

Ideally the sensor is mounted as close to the inlet ports as possible to give the most accurate representation of the temperature (and thus Mass) of the airflow into the combuction chambers of the engine. Usually this is a sensor that is mounted in the inlet plenum post throttle plate.

yeah I agree, my concern is fuel killing the sensor, any sensor out there that are fuel safe ?

0 - throttle body

1 - Injection Plate

2 - Blower

3 - Intercooler

4 - Intake

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