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IAT sensor placement on ITB setup

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Good evening I was wondering which place is better to install the IAT sensor on an ITB setup? Currently I have it installed near the firewall of the car near the inlet of the ITBs but I see quite high inlet Temps!

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On that type of setup, I have installed the air temp sensor so that it reads the air inside the air filter. Usually I mount it to the air filter backing plate.

You should consider building a sealed housing around your air filter to pickup up cool air from the windshield cowl area. You can insulate this box so that you pick up the coolest (and therefore most dense) air possible.

So I should mount it between cylinders 2-3 on the backplate! Building the box is quite difficult because space is limited and if I manage to make the box I have to consider the inlet during rainy days because this is a daily driver! Do you have any pics or drafts so I can get some ideas?